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So Many Changes… So many Questions


How many women are just like you…? None!


So what I have tried to do is to answer some of the more common questions that are being asked daily.


CyGYN and Arlene (that’s me), have opened a new practice that is dedicated to you.  The good news is that now we have the time and resources to address your hormonal needs in a new and exciting environment.

    Yes, I will take care of your hormone management.

    Yes, I will manage ‘vaginal rejuvenation” with the fully tested and FDA approved ER-YAG Vaginal Laser.  It is so new that it hasn’t even been named.  And, as far as I know, CyGYN is the first non research facility to be able to make it available to women in the USA…

    Yes, I know that you need more very well trained providers who can prescribe your hormone therapy wisely. And I will be training and supervising new providers who will be able to see you at my current location. 

And yes, your consultation fees, when you see them, will be less.

    Yes, I will still be addressing bone health: preventing and treating osteopenia and osteoporosis. 

    Yes, I will still be treating urinary incontinence, in the office setting.


Please refer to the FAQ tab to see the answers to many of your questions. 



Be Well,



Please bring your last 2 yrs of medical records.  Do not email them.  It is not secure!

We are trying to work out a system that will allow you to complete your medical history on line, before your first appointment….It will make things better for you!

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