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Introduction:  Hormone Test Panels


A hormone calculator? Yes! Hormone test panels are now available on our website. Just click on the Hormone Test Panels link for a general description of the tests and then take all 3 tests.


If you need help figuring out what is going on with your hormones, keep reading.


Women associate certain symptoms with specific hormonal imbalances. Many of these symptoms are common and recognized by almost every perimenopausal or menopausal woman. Some of these symptoms are described in medical books. Such as? Hot flashes can be caused by many things, but when we think perimenopause or menopause and hot flashes, we need to think low estrogen. Sound simple? Sometimes it is. However, the three main sex hormones that diminish as we age can sometimes mimic one another. Or one deficiency may cause many different symptoms. So what are we to do?


·        First, remember that while your ovaries are still functioning, estrogen and progesterone levels drawn on any given day only tell us what is happening at that moment: those levels are reflective of what has happened; they are not predictive of what will happen.


·        Second, hormone testing, either by blood levels or saliva testing is expensive and some insurance companies will not pay for the testing.


·        Third, high or low levels of hormones (in this case sex hormones) tend to leave a “hormone print”, rather like a finger print, when they are not balanced. You can study your “hormone print”.


These hormone panels are not perfect, nor are they as helpful as laboratory studies when it comes to diagnosing certain hormonal conditions. But they will help lead you in the right direction when it comes to managing your symptoms. And the price is right…access to the test panels page is free!  You monitor your own scores to follow your progress.


The audio CD, “Prepare and Defend”, can help guide you once you have completed your hormone calculations.



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